Use this form to apply for credit card processing services throught Mercury Payment Systems
I authorize LOCFOOD to send this form containing my business and individual information to Mercury Payment Systems, LLC (“Mercury”) for the purpose of pre-applying for card processing and related services. I understand the information in this form will be used by Mercury to begin its underwriting process and is not a guarantee of acceptance which may only occur upon my review and completion of a card services application and agreement and acceptance of same by Mercury and/or its processor and member bank. I authorize Mercury to contact me to provide an application for card processing services and to complete any other steps necessary for completion of a card services application and agreement.
BY MY SUBMISSION OF INFORMATION, I HEREBY AUTHORIZE MERCURY TO OBTAIN AND USE MY INDIVIDUAL AND BUSINESS CREDIT REPORTS AS PART OF ITS UNDERWRITING PROCESS FOR REVIEW OF AN APPLICATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF A CARD SERVICES AGREEMENT FOR CARD PROCESSING SERVICES. By submitting this form and any supporting documents, I confirm that I have read and agreed to the use of the personal information provided Mercury in accordance with Mercury’s Privacy Policy available at All information in this form will be treated as confidential and used only in accordance with Mercury’s Privacy Policy.
Mercury’s Merchant Services Provider Contact Information
Name: Mercury Payment Systems, LLC
Address: 150 Mercury Village Drive, Durango CO 81301
Customer Service Phone Number: 800-846-4472
Sales Hours of Operations is Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM Mountain Standard Time